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10 Web Design Trends of 2021

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An attractive web design is necessary to increase traffic to your website. Web design trends are always changing, and you must be familiar with the changing web design styles to make your website stand out in the market. By making unique web style designs  for your website, you can improve its user interface.

Web design trends are evolving, and people are now choosing reality-based web design styles to have a great UI/UX interface. Many of us are confused about what  type of web design styles they should choose for their site.

Today we're going to discuss the top 10 web design trends of 2021 that will make your website look stunning and up to date in no time.

Top 10 website design trends of 2021:

There are many website designs trends that you can choose from in 2021. Some of the most popular website design trends are mentioned below.

1.Parallax animations

Parallax animations are definitely one of the best web design styles that you can choose from in 2021. The parallax effect is said to be created when page features are separated into foreground and background sections.

  • Parallax animations use images on both the foreground and background sections of the website's page.
  • In parallax animation, the images on the background of the page move more slowly than the foreground images.
  • Parallax animations can be used in your web design styles to create an illusion.
  • By creating the illusion of depth through parallax animations, you can create a magical effect on your website, allowing you to generate more traffic on your website.

Adding parallax animations in your web design will generate curiosity in your audience.

Parallax animations are one of the best web design trends which can make your website look more attractive. Animations are extremely useful in catching the audience's attention, and having parallax animations will also result in improved  conversion rate.

  • Moreover, the visitors on your website will love to spend time on your site after seeing high-quality animations, and this will help you generate more revenue from your website.
  • By choosing parallax animation as your web design style in 2021, you can put all the necessary information on your  home page.

Parallax animations are aesthetically pleasing, allowing you to create a more friendly and dynamic user-interface.

Things not to do when choosing parallax animation:

There are certain types of things that you shouldn't do while adding parallax animations in one of your web designs style.

  • Don't overdo parallax effects.

Adding too many parallax effects can cause your audience to neglect the message that you're trying to deliver through your site.

  • Don't use parallax animations all over your page.

Overuse of the parallax effect will divert your audience's attention. This can be inconvenient for some users as they will not be able to complete their tasks. Stuffing your page with too many parallax effects will hurt your website's conversion rate.

2. Large images

One of the most popular web design trends in 2021 is using large images in your website's design. Large images are useful in attracting your audience's attention. Large images will help your content stand out from the competition.

  • Research shows that people are more attracted to large images, which is the best way to convey your most important message through your site.
  • You can add large images to your web design, and you can place your most important content on these images.
  • Putting your content on these images will make the content more striking, and your audience will be able to view and comprehend the content more easily.
  • Make sure that you put large images that are relevant to your content and website's objective.

You should not add extremely large pictures as they can look unattractive and negatively impact the user experience.

3.Material Design and Material UI

Material design and Material UI are also some of the most popular web design styles in 2021. Material Design is a design system created by Google to create a more adaptive and dynamic user-interface. Material Design mainly focuses on improving the user experience.

  • Through Material Design, you can create unique products for your website design. Material Design consists of hundreds of system icons.
  • System icons help elevate your website's user experience and user-interface.
  • In addition to this, Material Design has custom color palettes.
  • Hence, using Material Design in web design styles, you can create an exclusive color scheme that would suit your brand and logo.

Material Design also has the typography option by which you present your website's content more uniquely and interestingly. Content written using typography will allow your audience to comprehend the content more easily.

Another one is Material UI. Material-UI is a framework that makes web development easier, efficient, and convenient. The most important benefit of using Material- UI in your web design styles is that it doesn't cause any damage or interruption in the global scope.

Material-UI has one the best premium themes that are used by many well-known platforms. The themes are reality-based and are great for developers who want to add authenticity and the element of reality to their websites.


Neomorphism is getting much more resistance by the following or recent years. The following style, Neomorphism, is the next level, or we may call a successor of the style Skeuomorphism. This style allows us to reconvert or reconstruct like a second paint coat the old designs, templates, or formats into the most recent and new ones.

This design was simple, with much flat and easier-looking icons. The color of the icons is more towards being unrealistic but smoother to use. This format allowed the users to combine the old designs with the new ones making a wide range of templates, icons, and colors giving various varieties access.

5.Abstract art

Abstract art is a format that is not only a design but an emotion itself. There are many abstract art ideas, and it includes many geometrical shapes like squares, circles, triangles or hexagons, and polygons.

  • These shapes help express many unsaid words without the need to use any kind of human or any other object images.
  • In the recent year 2021, web designers use such formats to introduce freedom of speech and actions in our surroundings.

The main goal is to use such colors or shapes that the message is understood by the users directly without any written text or explanation. It is also used in place of photography nowadays. Letting the colors and shapes describe themselves.

6.Comfortable and soothing colors

The web designers should use comfortable and soothing colors to rest to the users who are tired of looking at bold colors or sites every day. Too many bright colors can make the user's eyes week and painful. Therefore, web designers have made use of easy and light colors more use giving access to dark modes.

  • Dark modes are also the result of such web design formats that allow users' eyes less painful strains.
  • It is something new because web designers have never been thoughtful about the user's health before.

However, now in the year 2021, this is an innovation towards the care of users.

7. Web designs for some kind of cause

In the year, 2021 web designers are now using the formats and templates to promote knowledge about the recent or past important causes that are still active. Like, feminism, slavery freedom, male privileges, and the most common or highlighting event of the recent year Covid-19.

  • Such formats use colors, text, photography, animation, and bold icons to make people aware of such topics.
  • In 2021, and onwards we will be seeing the web designers use more content or formats to promote awareness about such topics above or more.

It is a good step and idea for the coming years and future. It can be helpful for the coming future generations.

8. Digital product featuring

In the new era that is 2021, web designers use the formats to put more digital products onto the webpage or website. It helps the users know about many products from different places around the world. It also helps enhance the website's overall look, creating more interest of users in your work and content.

9. Augmented Reality experiences

It is no surprise that Augmented Reality is one of the most popular website design trends of 2021. Augmented reality is all about experiencing real-life situations without "actually" experiencing them. The real-life situation is experienced using computer-generated images.

Augmented Reality is greatly increasing the user-experience of a website. Augmented reality is different from virtual reality, and new technologies, like, WebXR API has enabled many developers to implement AR experience in their web design styles.

10. 3D Visuals

Another one of the great website design trends of 2021 is 3D visual. Adding 3D shapes, images, themes, and layout can increase the traffic on your website. 3D visuals are aesthetically pleasing and more memorable. The content written in 3D is much more convenient and easier to remember.

3D visuals will help your website to have a professional environment. The attractiveness of your website design will also increase, and as a result, your website will be rank much higher.


Those mentioned above are the top 10 website design trends of 2021. These website design trends are unique and eye-pleasing that can take your website design game to a whole new level.

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