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6 Benefits of Having an Outstanding Online Presence.

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Here are 6 main reasons of having a website if you are still hesitant:

1. Professionalism

We live in a digital age and your site is a marketing tool №1. A person spends an average of 24 hours per week online. Consumers expect companies to be online (have a website, not just a social profile!) And think that a company without one is less professional.

2. Search engine presence

One of the benefits of a small business site is that you are where your customers are. 97% of users search for an online local business, and 93% of online activities start with a search. There are over 3.5 billion Google searches a day, and someone is currently searching for your service.

3. Customers find you easier

63% of users use the site with the intention of contacting the company. Combine this with the fact that 93% of online actions start with a search. Another reason? Consumers use an average of 3 sources before making a purchase decision.30% of them automatically "cut" a company from the list if it does not have a website.Trust / Confidence

4. Trust / Confidence

The lack of a site undermines the trust of the user. In fact - 75% of users say that they judge a company by the design of its site. People do business with those they trust and the site is the first thing on which they base their trust.

5. Competition

Create a site with an attractive design, optimize it well enough for search engines - and you will fight directly with the leaders in your field.Social media ?  is not enough …

6. Social media ? is not enough …

Social media can support your business, but don't rely on just one channel, especially in the future. You do not actually own the page, it is the property of social media and you are obliged to comply with its rules. 

When you have a website - it is your property and the rules are determined by you.

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