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To make sure that users are satisfied and like your website, you need to provide them with proper navigation. It is important for everyone to find what they are looking for without wasting time and wondering where to start.

Step 1.  Build the content in a logical sequence

Step 2.  Discuss the best practices with your chosen web design company when you decide to trust your online presence to them. Only then will you be sure that your brand has a chance to become recognizable and competitive. When you start building navigation, think about the user. He is the important one.

Step 3.  Try to anticipate his actions and offer him exactly what will help him find his way quickly. Put appropriate labels on individual menu items instead of the usual "services" or "products". Make it clear what he will see after clicking a button.

Step 4.  All content on the site must have a logical sequence. Organize it so that everyone can clearly see the individual directories and can easily follow the paths, going through the different sections, categories and subcategories.

Step 5.  Create the navigation bar in the right place

Let the navigation be intuitive. No matter how confident you feel that you can predict the user path, the truth is that no one can say for sure what exactly consumers are aiming for. Intuitive navigation is useful because it always shows who is where and what options are available to continue.

If you like creative decisions, then navigation is not the place to be creative. Keep the more extravagant ideas when choosing a font and color. The main navigation bar should have a specific location and be permanent on each page. This is usually horizontally at the top or vertically to the left.

You can always take advantage of the so-called "sticky" navigation. Such a fixed navigation bar is suitable for pages with longer content. It helps readers not to get "lost" as they scroll down, following the text, as it does not disappear, but always remains at the top of the page.

Seconds separate the moment of desire from that of disappointment and total neglect. To earn those seconds, create smart navigation on your website.

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