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The topic of online presentation of businesses has been on the agenda for more than a decade. Maybe now is the time to raise it once again, not just to write something on this topic, but because we want to show good examples that make us happy to be in this industry.

The global pandemic of Covid-19 is the thing that showed very clearly and in a very short time that the business was not prepared for what was to come. As a result a lot of businesses shut down and many people lost their jobs. All this could have been avoided, only by making adequate and timely decisions, which at the time were lacking in most businesses. The underestimation of the power of the Internet has continued to this day, and let's not forget that all this can be another unique offer to add to your business.

And here are some numbers to show exactly what we have missed since the beginning of the pandemic:

  • Facebook and Instagram report that their traffic has increased by more than 70% in recent weeks;
  • Downloaded and installed mobile apps have increased by over 200%;
  • During this time, online sales have grown by over 1000%.

The data clearly shows that people are online and in addition to browsing, sharing and taking an interest in their friends, they are also ready to shop in the comfort of their own home. What mistakes did we make during this time:

  • Many companies do not have an online presentation or it is absolutely unsatisfactory;
  • Some companies have reduced their advertising costs, which have apparently been used by others to make more money and fill gaps;
  • The lack of online presentation and reduced advertising costs have led to reduced or no sales, which in turn leads to losses and the need to lay off labor.

Why is internet presentation important for every business?

At this time, when everyone is talking about a serious crisis, we must note that the problem is rooted in the lack of alternatives for many businesses that have had to close their sites. What could they do, though?

Any business that could work online but had no performance, some even a website, made huge losses, and for some of them that meant bankruptcy. What was needed was to respond a little earlier, devoting the necessary time, resources and desire to provide another channel for their customers to access their favorite products. In this way, in our opinion, many businesses would keep at least some of their turnover, which would keep many people in their jobs.

And since we are sure that everyone now understands the need for words like website, online store and digital marketing, maybe we should stop digging into this wound and try to show the good examples from the USA and the World.


In order to make people stay at home and at the same time not get bored, their decision was extremely adequate. They offered some of the upcoming titles, which were expected to be released in the middle of the year months before their premiere with the possibility to watch online. What if Disney didn't have a website?

In addition to the listed examples, there were a number of American and international online stores that offered free shipping to all their customers, thus setting the stage for some very good partnerships in the future.

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