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UX design: convenient, logical and user-friendly

 The functionality of your website is one of the most important tings during the customer journey. However, the site should also be comfortable and enjoyable to work with. UX design is the key to this. UX, which stands for "User Experience" and means user experience, leads to the desired result. It is the design of the user experience that creates a harmonious environment that makes consumers feel in the right place.

Pleasant and intuitive navigation through the site

The better a designer is, the more he stumbles upon spectacular and increasingly complex things. They are certainly beautiful and impressive, but very often difficult to work with. Therefore, in UX design one should not overdo it and neglect the user's position. He is the main character and in order to feel comfortable, he must get what he likes.

Following the information hierarchy of the site, the content should be organized so that each visitor can navigate quickly and easily find what he is looking for. The pages should flow into each other, and the categories should easily move to individual products or items. The goal is to make surfing enjoyable and as intuitive as possible.

Constant checks for quality and up-to-date

The work on UX design never ends. Any improvement should be tested. If something seems acceptable today, it may not apply tomorrow. The check for up-to-dateness and quality is obligatory and it is done regularly. If difficult navigation is detected, it means that reaching the desired action or place is doomed to failure.

In addition to all the pages having to be visually similar, uniformity should also be available when viewing the site on different devices. It is important for the user to have the same experience when interacting with the website, whether he does it on a laptop or via a mobile device.

UX design should be logical, comfortable and offer pleasure at work. To be really good and functional, when creating it you have to think from the position of the user. And not to miss something very important - that a person is never in an ideal environment. Usually the contact with the site takes place in a noisy and dynamic environment. UX design must be fully consistent with this fact.

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